Winter Warmer: Keeping Well This Winter

Keep the winter blues at bay with simple steps to keep warm and healthy!

Winter is upon us and the festive season is in full swing. However, winter can also be a difficult time for many. People may face a number of challenges, from trying to keep their home warm, to maintaining a good mood, or keeping their immune system strong. Give your mind and body some TLC this winter with a few simple tips:

Eat well:

There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence over the festive period- when its cold and dark it can be much more tempting to eat sweet treats! But winter is prime time for colds and flu, so it’s important to eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to keep the bugs at bay and make sure you don’t overindulge in the wrong foods.

A simple way to eat well is to eat enough fruit and veg. Swap some chocolates for a juicy satsuma or clementine, and tuck into the winter veggies- carrots, turnips and swedes can be made into soups, mashed or roasted, making a tasty and comforting winter meal. You can also start your day well with a hearty bowl of porridge as oats contain important minerals and vitamins. Also make sure you’re eating enough products like milk, cheese, fish, meats, beans and pulses as they’re packed with protein, vitamins A and B12, and calcium for strong bones.

You can find yummy healthy recipes here!

Move more:

Exercising in the winter time is something many of us would rather avoid, however you don’t need to leave the warmth of your home to get active. There are plenty of 5-10 minute exercises that can be done in your living room, which you can follow along with here. They will help get your blood flowing and improve your physical fitness. Remember, small steps make a big difference over time and you’ll feel much better afterwards!

Be mindful of your mood:

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes we feel sad, lonely, angry or upset. Most of the time we can bounce back, but if you have a persistent low mood, take a moment to assess your wellbeing. You can take a mood quiz here which will give you useful advice on improving your mood and you can read up more about mental wellbeing here. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about the way you are feeling. Call Mind on 02075101081 to speak to someone at the Tower Hamlets and Newham branches. An advisor will be able to connect you to the right support.

The lack of sunlight during the winter time can also play havoc with our mood, but you can help banish the blues with these steps:

  • Get outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible
  • Get a good night’s sleep –  try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day- including on weekends!
  • Destress with exercise or meditation – stress makes you feel tired. But exercise and mindful activities can counter the effects of stress.


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