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2018 Cook Off at the Live Well Community Training Kitchen

Can you stand the heat? 4 groups went head to head at the annual Live Well cook off. They were challenged to make delicious vegetarian meals from home-grown ingredients in under two hours! Judged by former international chef Emmanuel Essandoh the pressure was defiantly on!

Over a dozen cooking enthusiasts vied to become this year’s Live Well Cook Off Winners at our annual group cooking competition held at Limborough Green Hub on Satrurday the 22nd of September.

Our Live Well Community Training Kitchen was again teeming with passionate local gardeners who also love to make recipes out of home-grown greens.  

In groups of 4, they had fun while working for two hours to cook vegetarian meals out of ingredients mostly harvested from their own gardens.  They delighted friends, relatives and guests with the lovely aroma of fresh herbs, brightly coloured vegetables and the soothing smell of simmering soups.

The winners were chosen by former international chef and a local resident Emmanuel Essandoh who was supported by Sultana Yasmin, a CaN staff based at the St. Paul’s Way Community Centre who herself is a talented cook.

On the same day, Clyo Parecchini, our Green Hub co-ordinator handed out awards to the winners of the Heaviest Kodu competition and the Chilli Plant with the most chillies produced.

All food cooked on the day were happily shared by everyone present.  Such is the power of good food that despite the rain, the day still ended pretty well…


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