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Cook Off at the Live Well Community Training Kitchen

Are you prepared to see who wins the Green Super Chef apron 2019? Let the professional chefs and nutritionist themselve judge this to pick the super chef team of 2019!

This year’s participants were trainees from the Live Well courses run throughout the year by WEN at our Community Training Kitchen as well as new members of the Limborough garden who teamed up with some of the original members. Three judges, two of whom are chefs by profession and a nutritionist, chose the Super Chef/Team of 2019. You can see 3 of them (pictured in the garden) wearing the Green Super Chef apron which the winners get instead of medals. Three of the same aprons were given to the most dedicated trainees (pictured in the kitchen). All participants in the cook off got a small present as well.

The garden  has been really buzzing with activities and this Saturday, LiC will launch the new Poplar Honey harvest from our hives as part of LiC’s Bee-spoke Learning Programme so if you wish to be the first to get a few jars, then join them this Saturday at Limborough Green Hub.

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