The Joys of Learning to Cycle

Maybe you haven't ridden a bike in years or maybe you've never tried. No matter what your background, Community Cycling Training in Poplar are helping people pursue their cycling aspirations!

Here’s what learners from the cycle training open day had to say!


We also caught up with Isis and Simon, two instructors that help lead the training sessions. They were pleased to see women and mothers who previously couldn’t ride but are now enjoying the benefits that cycling brings to them. They advocate cycling as being healthy in every sense- ‘it’s not just an activity that improves your physical fitness but improves your mental wellbeing too. It’s an alternative transport which gives you the freedom to travel without needing to use buses or the underground, and for us, seeing someone doing something they haven’t done before, and gaining that as a new skill, is very rewarding.’

If you are interested in learning how to cycle again, are starting from scratch or want to improve your skills, Community Cycle Training offer the opportunity to learn using safe roads and progression from shorter to longer rides, as part of their weekly two hour training on Wednesdays. You can read more on our activities page and book yourself a free place here!


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