From Pots and Pans to Popular Fitness Classes: Lukki Lashley’s Journey.

From cooking in the kitchen of the Teviot Centre to leading two very successful fitness classes, and more plans for the future, Lukki Lashley's life has changed a lot in the past few months.


Meet Lukki! Her story with us started, unexpectedly, after she began working as a cook in the Teviot Centre. It was whilst making food and scrubbing dishes that she made friends and connections with people at the centre, people who came to be aware of her passion for fitness. With the help of Leaders in Community, a youth-led charity aiming to improve services in Tower Hamlets, Lukki was able to get back into teaching fitness and now runs two hugely popular fitness classes in the area, is starting a girls football team, and hopes to explore how she can use fitness and physical wellbeing to help with mental health in the area. In her own words, she really found her feet at the Teviot Centre.

As soon as we heard about this story we knew we wanted to share it with the community and upon talking to Lukki, things became even more interesting. With a level 3 in personal fitness training, postnatal, and antenatal qualifications, she really knows her stuff! But it goes deeper than that. To her, fitness is an entire lifestyle. It isn’t just coming to classes for an hour a week, it is what you do outside of those classes as well.

She provides 24/7 advice and support to all participants of her classes, giving handouts to people after classes that give them advice on nutrition and physical activity – something which has actually helped women loose anything from a pound a week to a stone in a month. And, not wanting anyone to feel alone in their journey, she offers participants as much compassion and support as possible. The women themselves love it, messaging her outside of the class to update her on their progress and get advice and support on their goals and personal issues. She’s made fitness personal, supportive, and welcoming.

Lukki really believes in the power of fitness to boost self-confidence, help with your social connections, and help with mental health issues. This is where her plans for the future come in, with the aforementioned girls football team she plans to start in the near future and her interest in mental health and fitness. She aims to provide a social support for young girls as they move from primary school to high school, entering one of the most turbulent times of their lives. And that sums Lukki up: full of energy and full of passion – but above all, caring.


Want to follow in her footsteps?


If you’re reading this and thinking about starting up your own classes, Lukki thinks you should definitely go for it. As long as you have a passion for fitness, then you can’t go wrong, she says. She recommends preparing your sessions before hand, doing your own thing and not trying to copy anyone else, and not listening to your own self-doubt. Leading these sessions has seen her grow leaps and bounds and explore different training and qualifications that she would never have dreamed of before, so she couldn’t recommend it more.

Her classes focus on mobility and core stability, getting participants to engage with body weights and interval training. No session is the same, and if you attend you will benefit from Lukki’s unique one on one approach, while enjoying the community that she creates. She aims to make fitness accessible and affordable for everyone in the community, and would love to see you there!


Find her fitness classes on Thursday and Wednesday.

Follow her on Instagram at luxleasure.


Thinking about starting up your own class like Lukki did? Follow this link to suggest a new activity on our website or send us a message on and we can direct you to the right people to help you on your new journey!

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Fitness is a lifestyle, and I want to make it accessible and affordable for everyone.