Let’s Be Aware Together!

Many cancers can be prevented or treated if detected early enough.

Attend free cancer awareness workshops delivered by Community Links for Catch22 in Tower Hamlets this January and February.

Community Links wants to make sure more people take part in cancer screening tests, particularly in communities like Tower Hamlets, where people may avoid them for various reasons.

At the workshops, you’ll learn about signs and symptoms, and the healthy lifestyle changes you can make that might lessen the risks.

While you can ask questions about anything that concerns you, there will be a focus on raising awareness about screenings for breast, bowel, and cervical cancers because detecting them early greatly increases treatment success and saves lives.

If you have any questions about breast cancer, breast cancer screening, bowel cancer, bowel cancer screening, or cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening, do come along to a workshop, or reach out to the following organisations:

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Cancer screening programmes are designed to detect cancer early. The earlier the condition is found, the better the chances of surviving it. - Zoraida Colorado, Community Links