Cook Well, Eat Well

It can be tough to eat healthier when some of our favourite meals are prepared in a less than healthy way!

Are you looking for tasty recipes with a healthier twist? Cook Well, Eat Well is for you!

Well One took a handful of talented cooks from local community groups, added some NHS nutritionists and mixed them together! The result was Cook Well, Eat Well,  a collection of their favourite go-to recipes, with small tweaks that make a big difference to how healthy they are to eat.

With our workshops in community centres across Tower Hamlets, we’ll prove that reducing the amount of saturated fats and salt in dishes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour.
Don’t just take our word for it, though, come along to the ‘cook-along’ cooking demonstrations, and have a taste for yourself.

We’ve created a free recipe card pack for you to take home, with nutritional information and cooking tips, so you can make the dishes at home too.

Cooking the vegetables to go into the Sardine & Aloo Biran dish, during a 'Cook Well, Eat Well' workshop at Aberfeldy Centre, Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets residents cooking healthier versions of traditional Bengali recipes, during Well One's 'Cook Well, Eat Well' worskhops.

Email us for more information, or call the venue and ask about Cook Well, Eat Well.

And, if you are unable to come along to our cooking workshops? No worries! Flip through our collection of recipe cards and bring the workshop experience to your kitchen. Get step-by-step instructions for exciting dishes to try out at home that are not only delicious, but also better for you.

An online flipbook of recipe cards from the community group Well One, based in Tower Hamlets.

If cooking is your passion, maybe you’d be interested in joining a community group to connect with others who share your passion for food? These groups offer opportunities to share recipes, learn new techniques and nutrition tips, and make new friends.

Check out the ‘Cooking Classes‘ activity listings for social community cooking groups in your area.

The founders of the Healthy Eating Cooking Club, held at Aberfeldy Centre in Tower Hamlets, are cooking a delicious, traditional Bengali dish.

And, if you’re curious about eating a more nutritious diet, the Eatwell Guide is a great place to start! The guide was created by the NHS to provide helpful and easy to understand information about balanced and healthy eating and food groups, as well as tips on portion sizes and the role of physical activity.

The Eatwell Guide. A simple to understand visual guide from the NHS to provide information about food groups and balanced eating and nutrition.

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One thing I will definitely take away from today's session is to use way less oil when I'm cooking. It hardly made a difference to the taste, and it's loads healthier for me with less!

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