Women’s Yoga Session

Wednesday at 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Aberfeldy Centre, Aberfeldy Street, E14 0NU

For more info call 020 7515 6794 or email victoria.coakley@poplarharca.co.uk.

This yoga class will help build strength and flexibility in the body as well as helping to calm the mind with breathing exercises and a final relaxation. Yoga improves your posture, protects your spine, improves bone health, boosts immunity and helps you to sleep deeper. This session can be tailored to your own fitness and comfort levels, so don’t feel intimidated! 


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Your questions answered

Can anyone join this group?

This class is by GP Referral only. The referrals are made from the The Aberfeldy Practice 2a Ettrick Street E14 0PU.

Are there shower facilities?

No, sorry.

What should I bring?

Its best to wear loose, comfortable clothes. Water is also a good idea. We have many mats and blocks for you to use, but please feel free to bring your own mat.